• 18 sep 2022

    Muurwerk - Utrecht 900

    Attention: Muurwerk has been postponed until September 18
    Muurwerk is a brand new interdisciplinary piece of music about borders. The work, in which the existense and implications of wall is discussed, was written for Utrecht 900, a festival celebrating the 900th anniversary of Utrecht.

  • 27 jul 2022

    Dear Professor Einstein - Leading Voices

    The Dutch Chamberchoir will open the 'Leading Voices' festival with this opera by Mathilde Wantenaar, under the direction of Boudewijn Jansen.

  • 22 jun 2022

    To be to gather

    Lida Straathof and Elea Bekkers will vocally unveil the new art installation 'To be to gather' by Yvonne Dröge Wendel.

    On Wednesday 22 June Stroom Den Haag will be unveiling To Be To Gather, a new artwork made by Yvonne Dröge Wendel. It forms the latest addition to The Sculpture Gallery, a unique series of open air sculptures exhibited in The Hague’s historic center. Many of Dröge Wendel’s works are exercises in on-going encounters. And To Be To Gather is no exception: this new work playfully invites the public to touch it, interact or arrange a meeting.
    The unveiling will take place during the exhibition run of the eponymous presentation at Stroom, To Be To Gather, which closes on 10 July 2022.
    The exhibition title – To Be To Gather – refers to both a gathering place and a state of mind. The work has a tubular structure – it is hollow on the inside – and invites you to insert your arms and head. After doing so, whatever you see or experience actually differs from one person to the next. You may feel like breaking out into song, or listening to the sounds of the city. Or you may decide it’s a perfect setting for a private conversation. It’s all up to you, the visitor.

    This fascination with how we relate to objects runs like a thread through Dröge Wendel’s body of work. “For me, making a physical object is basically a search to find the right conditions for recording and transforming different approaches to communicating with, feeling and relating with objects. As such, it is a quest to understand material as an active component of our social fabric,” explains the artist.

  • 29 may 2022

    Thijl - Pianowandeling Edam

    Jan van Gilse’s opera “Thijl”, narrated by Elea Bekkers, sung by Anthony Heidweiller with piano and string quintet. For the occasion of the memorial year 1572, the 'birth of the Netherlands'.

  • 28 may 2022

    Dear professor Einstein - SNAAR festival

    An opera based on letters children wrote to Professor Einstein: a tribute to childish curiosity. Part of SNAAR festival, a festival that unites music and science.

    Mathilde Wantenaar – Dear professor Einstein

    Nederlands Kamerkoor & NKK NXT
    Boudewijn Jansen – dirigent

    Merel Vercammen – viool

    Ensemble ntb (altviool, cello, basgitaar, percussie) 

    Willem Bruls – dramaturgie

    Kenza Koutchoukali – regie

  • 30 apr 2022

    Charlotte, Kaleidoskop

    20 years old, drowning in responsibilities she didn't choose... her best friend suddenly commits suicide - and he blames her! Charlotte is but a prop in Goethe's novel; through song and stage, we invite the audience to experience her story.
    Charlotte, Kaleidoskop will premiere as a part of Cafe Theaterfestival Utrecht.

    “I have so much in me, and the feeling of her absorbs it all.”

    So says Werther about the object of his infatuation, Charlotte, whose romantic rejection of him leads him to commit suicide. Goethe’s epoch-making novel revolves around Werther’s ‘massive crush’ on Charlotte, which is spiritualized and expanded into eloquent poetic musings by the writer. But the woman herself is mostly absent; Werther worships an idol of her, yet seems to barely know her. Charlotte, Kaleidoskop breathes life into her through song and stage, shedding light on her reality. More than but a prop in a young man’s story of self-discovery (or self-indulgence?), Charlotte is presented as a real person and the audience is invited to bear witness to her life-experience; her heart’s desires, fears, vulnerabilities, needs… A young woman, buried by the demands family and society have placed upon her, is trying to find herself.

  • 23 dec 2021

    Sounds of Christmas

    Guitar player Robert Bekkers and singer Elea Bekkers will be sounding in the christmas season with traditional and modern songs! Please note: this concert takes place in Boston, MA, USA.

  • 18 oct - 7 nov 2021

    Ghost stories: a spooky series of haunted house concerts

    In a collaboration with composer and pianist Christian Chamoun, Elea Bekkers lifts the spirits of the audience into the nether realm, within the intimate setting of a -haunted- house concert. With music by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Giuiseppe Verdi, Richard Strauss and of course Christian Chamoun. And you could have this concert at your own home!

    Since before written history, humans have told each other scary stories and framing these stories with creepy sounds and music is a well-loved practice.
    Halloween, Samhain, All Soul’s day: Chilly autumn is the best time to sit around the piano in a cosy room and listen to ghost stories.

    Composer and pianist Christian Chamoun and singer Elea Bekkers take you to an eerie netherworld, full of restless spirits and beautiful, ominous music. They perform brand new songs and songs of composers long dead – or are they?

    It is possible to visit one of the house concerts or host one yourself! Please contact us for more information.

  • 17 oct 2021

    60th birthday concert

    To celebrate a 60th birthday, Elea Bekkers will be singing two pieces that Anne-Maartje Lemereis composed especially for the guest of honour.

  • 9 oct 2021

    AnDeres - Die Freie Reihe

    An experimental improvisation in which the relations between performer and perceiver, space and sound, and chaos and order are explored.

    From the website:

    Das Performance-Projekt „AnDeres“ ist eine experimentelle Improvisation, die die Beziehungen zwischen Performern, Umgebung, Klängen, Gemeinschaft, Raum und Publikum auslotet. Die klassische Dichotomie von Performer:in und Publikum, die durch strenge Hierarchie gekennzeichnet ist, wird aufgebrochen und als Dialog neu aufgebaut – mittels Bewegung, Körpersprache und Klang. Innerhalb eines physischen Raums entsteht eine Gemeinschaft, verbunden durch gemeinsame Erfahrungen aus präcoronaren Zeiten und fokussiert auf die zwischenmenschliche Kommunikation. Das Publikum ist eingeladen, sich der sich wiederholenden Bewegung und dem Klang anzuschließen und Energie mit den Performer:innen auszutauschen. Diese fungieren als persönlicher Spiegel, projizieren außerhalb des Körpers, verlieren das Konzept des Selbst und verwandeln alle Beteiligten in einen größeren Organismus. Das kraftvolle Gefühl der Einheit und des Kontakts, das in diesen isolierten Zeiten verloren ging, entsteht in einer einzigartigen Form wieder.


  • 9 - 13 aug 2021


    'Dochter' (daughter) musically tells a story of growing up and finding your own voice against the overwhelming backdrop of the ever-changing world. In raw, unadorned locations, the voices of women come together to share daughter stories in image, music and text.

    There comes a time for every child when they become aware of the world they live in. ‘Dochter’ musically tells a story f growing up and finding your own voice against the overwhelming backdrop of the ever-changing world. Saxophonist Kika Sprangers, in this performance, leads you through her own life and life questions and brings you to who she has become now: a powerful, brave and ambitious musician who has never chosen the easy way to make her dreams come true.

    Kika: “My inspiration for this performance comes from Ronja de Roversdochter, a book character who touches me because of her growth, her independence, her daring open-mindedness, as well as her love and appreciation for nature.” In Dochter, Kika Sprangers lets her voice be heard together with nine female singers: Elea Bekkers, Veronika Akhmetchina, Viktoria Nikolova, Sylvia Boone, Channe Malkin, Liiva Dumpa, Nina Rompa, Marit van der Lei and Anna Serierse. In raw, unadorned locations, the voices of these women come together to share daughter stories in image, music and text.

  • 30 april & 5 may 2021

    Breath of Freedom

    *Attention* Due to the extension of the corona measures, this concert has been postponed to the end of August.
    Frank Wakelkamp (1968) and Channe Visscher (1996) wrote commissioned compositions about important values in life. Music for the Margaretha Consort ensemble which can be performed in a corona setting, based on a maximum of 9 musicians on stage. Andromedae, a piece by Channe Visscher on text by Elea Bekkers, will also be performed.

    From the website:



    Five premieres in time of corona

    What is important in life? What is actually of value when all of life is uncertain and everything is disrupted by a pandemic? Two of our musicians, Frank Wakelkamp (1968) and Channe Visscher (1996) are also composers. Wakelkamp has previously written a number of pieces that have been performed by the Margaretha Consort. Visscher is a young, up-and-coming talent with whom we have already had discussions about possible compositions for the Margaretha Consort.

    Both composers wrote compositions about important values ​​in life at our request. Music for our ensemble that can be performed in a corona setting, based on a maximum of 9 musicians on stage at the same time. And how surprised we were! Firstly, the pieces turned out to fit together very nicely and in terms of theme fit wonderfully with what we had in mind. The pieces deal with the themes of Freedom, Beauty, Finiteness, Love and Connectedness, all values ​​that we have come to appreciate more in corona time or at least should receive extra attention… Second, it has become incredibly interesting and beautiful music! And then third but last: without specific instructions or mutual consultation, we have a nice and balanced program of about an hour of music, just wonderful for the short corona concerts we have in mind.



    Breath of Freedom – Channe Visscher
    SSAA a capella

    Lieder aus dem Hohelied – Frank Wakelkamp
    für Alt, Baß und Streichensemble

    Ubi Caritas – Frank Wakelkamp
    für SATB und 4 Gamben

    Ubi sensus Harmoniae – Channe Visscher
    Sopraan en Tenor solo en 4 viola da gamba’s

    Andromedae – Channe Visscher, text– Elea Bekkers
    SSAATTBB for voices and viols

  • 17 feb 2021

    Reflective program in the 40 days before easter

    Starting Ash Wednesday, the website of the Janskerk community will post one of Steigleders fourty variations on the Lord's Prayer every day until easter. These variations will be performed by Laurens de Man on different organs throughout the Netherlands, accompanied by an array of musicians including Elea Bekkers.

    Starting Ash Wednesday, the website of the Janskerk community will post one of Steigleders fourty variations on the Lord’s Prayer every day until easter. These variations will be performed by Laurens de Man on different organs throughout the Netherlands, accompanied by an array of musicians including Elea Bekkers.

  • 13 jan 2021

    Live online interview 'KomNaDeMarkt'

    Elea will be a guest on the online talkshow KomNaDeMarkt by Oscar Kocken

  • 24 dec 2020

    Intimate backyard christmas concert

    Live christmas concert in the intimate setting of private back gardens

    As the current lockdown has taken from us the feeling of strolling between market stands in a city, collar up, and to hear a choir caroling between the christmas lights, Laurens de Man and Elea Bekkers bring the live christmas music to the people at home.

    In this concert series on christmas eve, the duo visits several private back gardens to give the people a live christmas concert in an intimate outdoor setting that they can enjoy from the window.

  • 23 oct 2020

    Musical accompaniment to funeral

    Comforting music for an intimate farewell service at burial site IJsselhof in Gouda

  • 11 jan 2020

    Lay Down Concert

    As part of Utrecht University's Wellbeing Week, students can listen to a program of silent music and meditative songs lying down.

    To raise awareness for the wellbeing of students in an accessible manner, Utrecht University is organizing a new edition of the Wellbeing Week from November 16th to November 20th.


    On Wednesday, November 18 at 20:30, students are invited to listen to a meditative concert while lying down. Originally, this concert was planned to take place in the Janskerk but due to the pandemic, the students will lay down at home while listening to lullabies and restful music from many different sources: Annie MG Schmidt; Gagi Petrovic; Chick Corea; Hendrik Andriessen.


    After the YouTube premiere, which is exclusively for the students, the concert will be public and everyone can quietly lie down or cuddle up under a blanket and listen to Laurens de Man on piano and organ, Gidon Nunes Vaz on the trumpet and Elea Bekkers singing.

  • 26 okt 2020

    Beauty and comfort

    For the celebration cycle 'Beauty and Comfort', the Janskerk municipality always chooses four different works of art from varying disciplines. This time: music.

    Wesendoncklieder from Wagner

    vocals: Elea Bekkers

    piano: Laurens de Man

    From the website of the Janskerk municipality:

    In this gloomy autumn month, we seek comfort and relief in art, in beauty. The following question arises: How do we meet God in beauty? What does beauty mean? How does beauty heal our unruly existence? How do we cope with what cannot be made, what grinds and hurts, with the experiences of emptiness and want, of fear and loneliness? Rudolf Bohren once wrote a theological aesthetic titled “Daβ Gott schön werde”. That goodness and truth ultimately lead to beauty. This also makes this an eschatological theme. How does art look ahead to a world that is right? And how does art help us endure this broken existence? How does healing work? What is whole?

  • 27 sep 2020


    Under the wings of the Nederlands Kamerkoo, NKK NXT creates a new performance sketching a vision of the future of vocal ensemble music.

    How often do you look in the mirror? Do you want to stand out, or do you prefer to blend in with the crowd? And why do so many women strive for the same beauty ideal? STAAN&OPVALLEN is the new performance of NKK NXT, the talent development program of the Nederlands Kamerkoor. A performance about strength and the female voice, about blending in and standing out. About a modern age in which everyone seems to work in overload by default, but where we look for silence. Nine young singers take up the challenge to create a new performance that focuses on the future of ensemble music. In a society in which everyone carries a pocket-sized digital mirror, NKK NXT holds up a different mirror to both the public and society. STAAN&OPVALLEN is recognizable, funny, at times painful and above all moving.

    In co-operation with:
    Veronika Akhmetchina
    Viktoria Nikolova
    Hansje van Welbergen
    Sylvia Boone
    Marleen van Os
    Celine Janssen
    Channe Visscher
    Nicky de Bie
    Nederlands Kamerkoor