Elea Bekkers

mezzo-soprano – peformer – creator

“The tour de force of Charlotte, Kaleidoskop is Bekkers’ vocal quality”

– Iris Spanbroek, Theaterkrant

Elea Bekkers

Elea is a mezzo-soprano, an actress, a text writer and a music teacher. After finishing her classical singing studies with honours in 2015 at the Utrecht Conservatory, she expanded her skills towards theatre and film acting in Vienna. Nowadays she works together with Sem Hak under the collective Staatsgreep, 

she sings and plays on stages and teaches singing, acting and writing. In her autonomous work as a creator and writer, Elea explores the boundaries of her voice, the concert space and what music could mean. She questions the assumptions and the borders within and between musical genres.


  • 15 oct 2023

    Benno (NL)
    In this youth opera, children are invited to the wonderful world of soil animals, where peace, pleasure and comfort can be found. Watching bottom-dwelling animals can be an antidote. For a busy home, a busy world and a busy head. Tickets/info

  • 25-27 Sep 2023

    xx, Lotte: die Leiden des jungen Werther – recordings
    xx, Lotte is a contemporary romantic song cycle that comments on Goethe’s ’the sufferings of young Werther’ from a feminist, feminine point of view. Tickets/info

  • 24 Sep 2023

    Dochter (Daughter)
    Music theater performance about girlhood and coming of age, by composer/saxophonist Kika Sprangers and director Xander Straat, for saxophone and female vocal ensemble. Tickets/info


In her teaching practice, Elea still has room for new singing students.

She focuses her lessons on what the student can already do and what they still want to learn. She listens to the unique quality of their voice and, together with the student, explores the many possible colors that their voice can express. By means of a combination of music that the student likes to listen to or sing, and music that invites a new quality of the voice, the student learns to use their own voice in a healthy and confident manner.

Vocal technique is not a dogma for Elea: there is not a single correct way or style of singing. With good knowledge and grasp of the own voice one can go in all conceivable directions with vocal expression and continue to do so, without effort and without damaging the voice.


Contemporary art

As capitalism is driving the world into the abyss and to exist is to experience an existential crisis, it is time to look through new eyes. It is time for a fresh breath of air through the dutch, european and global cultural landscape. No more conventions, sitting in your red velvet chair for one-and-a-half hours, no more taboos surrounding identity and mental health. It is time to be frank with one another and to stop concealing personal and global problems for the sake of keeping up appearances. It is time for a new sound; it is time for STAATSGREEP.

Om de Hoek. Composition and Piano: Anne-Maartje Lemereis. Cello: Esther Iglesias. Text: Jaap Lemereis
Voyons… en vain pour éviter – Carmen. Piano: Laurens de Man Sound: Gagi Petrovic
Kampf um das Eigentum, Kurt Weill. Piano: Heleen Vegter. Sound: Gagi Petrovic. Video: Sem Hak
Pilot. Korte film. Regie: Sandy Verhoeven
Charlotte, Kaleidoskop, Cafe Theater Festival. Foto: Wytze de Vries
Charlotte, Kaleidoskop, Cafe Theater Festival. Foto: Wytze de Vries